DJI’s No Fly Zone (NFZ) feature can help you avoid inadvertent operation in locations that could raise safety or security concerns, such as near airports. NFZ will in many cases warn you about these areas if you fly towards them, or try to takeoff within them.  In certain locations, the device will automatically be prevented from takeoff, or if already in flight towards the location, will pause at the boundary and not enter. The NFZ system, which is an informational feature, does not include all areas that might raise concerns. Any map provided by DJI is for advisory purposes only. It is always the user’s responsibility to determine what laws or regulations apply to any operation, and to obtain any required government authorizations.

For a full explanation of this feature, watch the video to the right. You can also view a full list of DJI No Fly Zones on the map and list below. Note this list is only valid for the Inspire and Phantom 3 series or newer products.

If you are using equipment with the new GEO system in a country where it is available, please consult this map instead.