Exciting new releases at NAB 2013

    April 12, 2013DJI News

This week in Las Vegas, USA, DJI is proud to announce new innovations across all product lines.




Spotlight 1. Zenmuse H3-2D, 2-axis GoPro Gimbal (Mounted on DJI Phantom)

The versatility of GoPro meets the stability of the Zenmuse H3-2D camera gimbal. Truly cinematic aerial shots have never been this accessible.


H3-2D Package

  • 2 Axis Sub-Pixel Stabilization
  • Enhanced Vibration Dampening
  • Remote Tilt Control

Spotlight 2. Zenmuse Evo (Supports the Lumix GH3)

Bigger and better for the Lumix GH3

H3-2D Package

  • 2.5x more powerful direct drive motors
  • 3x more stable than current zenmuse gimbals
  • Advanced vibration dampening

Spotlight 3. DJI S800 Evo (S800 New Generation)

More durable, portable and stable than ever.

H3-2D Package


  • Stronger Arms with Foldable, More Efficient Props
  • Quicker, Stronger and more Responsive motors
  • Expanded airframe trays for mounting electronics
  • Superior vibration dampening built into the airframe

Spotlight 4. DJI A2M Autopilot System (Multi-Rotor Flight System)

Long held the industry standard, the DJI flight controller is the command center for your creativity. A huge brain in a tiny box.

H3-2D Package


  • Forged Aluminum Housing
  • Built-in Receiver
  • More Powerful Sensors and IMU
  • iOS App controller

Spolight 5. DJI Phantom Prop Guards

H3-2D Package

Spotlight 6. Phantom Vision (Phantom With a Built-in Camera)

All the fun of the Phantom, with a built-in camera!

H3-2D Package


  • Integrated camera with tilt function
  • 14 MP still images
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Variable Field of View
  • Full remote camera controlled via iOS
  • Vibration Isolation – No Jell-O !


DJI Camera UI App

Invaluable functionality, now free on your iPhone. The DJI mobile app puts total control in your pocket.

H3-2D Package

H3-2D Package

  • Low latency Video Downlink
  • Full remote camera control
  • Wireless synchronization

More Informations of New Prducts Coming Soon !