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At DJI, education and research are at the foundation of everything we do. We know the value of supporting educational institutions, and we are always excited to see the ways our technology is being used to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, and explorers.

So whether you are a student, professor, researcher, or all of the above, DJI is here to assist you with your project. We believe our products are true STEAM tools: not only do they provide learning opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but they also enable you to create works of Art. Science is an Art, and we want to help you use this fact to inspire a classroom and improve your work.

One of DJI’s education goals is to provide every pilot with safe flying tips and give him or her the tools needed to make responsible decisions when flying. Please visit our Fly Safe page to familiarize yourself with essential tips and government regulations regarding the use of DJI products.

Once you know the general do’s and don’t’s of safe flying, you’ll be ready for firsthand practice with our aerial systems at one of the free New Pilot Experience events. You may also want to perfect your filmmaking skills at the DJI Ronin Workshop. Both events are being held in many locations worldwide.

If you are just looking for inspiration, visit our Educational Stories page to see how people like you have started using DJI technology to meet their goals.

Do you have an educational or research story to share? Please let us know.


Take your hardware further and discover new heights with the DJI SDK. Create new ways to control the flight and camera on your DJI system to adapt it to innovative uses. Whether you’re bringing DJI systems into a new industry or using them to improve your ongoing work, the DJI SDK puts unmatched flexibility at your fingertips. If you are a Student or Educational Developer, and you think that your idea could elevate DJI hardware to the next level, DJI is happy to offer you a special Educational Developer Discount.

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Has DJI technology helped you learn or see something new, or do you have an interesting project in mind that would benefit from the use of a DJI system?

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The use of unmanned aerial systems in the classroom is still in its infancy, and DJI has made professional tools like the Roninmore accessible to aspiring filmmakers than ever before.

If you are already on the forefront of education and have a curriculum that could be taken to the next level by collaborating with us, Contact DJI University today.


From archaeology to oceanography, conservation to public safety, researchers everywhere are turning to DJI to help them gather data and improve their work. If your research would benefit from the use of a DJI system, Contact DJI University.

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