Ground Station

Vision Ground Station is built into the latest version of the Vision app (iOS: Version 1.0.41, Android 1.0.50). Simply update the app, open it and go to “Settings” to enable Ground Station. Accept the terms and conditions then return to “Camera” mode and swipe left to begin Ground Station flight planning.

None. Everything needed for Vision Ground Station flight is built in to the Phantom 2 Vision and Vision+.
Just ensure that you are running the latest firmware (v3.04). Visit to download the latest firmware and installation instructions.

Remember that launching from the ground, your Phantom will fly in a straight line to your first waypoint. Make sure you have enough clearance to travel up to the altitude desired for your flight plan.

16 waypoints
200-meter height limit
5000-meter max flight distance
3 speedsFast 8m/s, Mid 4m/s, Slow 2m/s

Altitude is from ground, not from sea level. Make sure your preset flight is high enough to avoid obstacles Use Ground Station in open spaces to ensure a strong GPS signal and avoid planning flight paths near power lines.
Quickly flip the S1 switch down and then back to GPS mode.

This could be caused by one of three things
1. You may be within an airport no-fly zone (within 8Km of major airports) or you may have no GPS lock. Move out of the no-fly zone to begin.
2. You have no GPS lock. Wait until your Phantom has full GPS lock i.e. 6 satellites or more.
3. You have not cached a map. Connect to the internet and download the map for your area.

The Vision Waypoints system is not available for the Phantom 2, however the more complex Ground Station app for the Phantom 2 is. All that is required is the installation of a DJI 2.4G Bluetooth datalink:
The Vision waypoints system is not compatible with the Phantom 1 or FC40
The Vision waypoints system is not compatible with the Naza or the Naza-M, however the Naza-M can be used with iPad ground station.
An Internet connection is required to download the map. If flying in an area without internet access, you can cache the map by viewing it when an internet connection is available.
No. The map and the camera are on different pages.
These are airport safety zones. Waypoint flight is not permitted within this area.
Point of Interest is not supported on the Vision waypoints system at this time.
Maps will be downloaded automatically through Google Maps when you view the waypoints page, as long as you have an internet connection.
The Phantom does not follow, however you can get a similar effect by programming the Phantom to fly your path, then setting an appropriate flight speed.
The Phantom will continue on its mission.
The Phantom will continue on its mission.
The Phantom will continue to hover for 1 minute then return to home.
This is caused by a mismatch in firmware. Please make sure your firmware is as follows: App version 1.0.41, camera 1.1.9 and Naza-M 3.04