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  • Professional UAV Auto Pilot Ground Station

Professional UAV Auto Pilot Ground Station

Ace Waypoint ground station system is built on an upgrade from Ace One’s DJI fourth generation helicopter autopilot products, and ground control software (GCS). It has all the features of Ace One, while providing the advanced reliability and flight stability core modules. Precise flight positioning, high mobility and ease of use, together with the aid of the advanced industry professional level ground station system, upgrades the unmanned helicopter system into a fully automated aerial work platform, with applications in specialized professions, including various industrial operations.

  • Reliable Datalink

Reliable Datalink

DJI offers 2.4Ghz and 900MHz datalink to achieve long-range two-way communication. The datalink maximum distance is up to 15km. The ground end also links with USB power supply that is convenient for outdoor use. The wireless module uses FHSS technology which is verified by FCC and CE certification, DJI datalink has many advantages such as: high data rate, stable performance, strong anti-interference capability, and long communication distance. The 2.4GHz datalink’s power consumption is 550mw and 900MHz datalink 1.5W, which is big advantage for long-distance flight missions.

  • Quick GPS Acquisition / Simple Compass Calibration

Quick GPS Acquisition / Simple Compass Calibration

System design and use of high grade components enables fast GPS acquisition time. Compass calibration with 45° tolerance is easier and faster than previous models.