From flight controller to propulsion system, the Agriculture Solution Package is a comprehensive drone solution for manufacturers building aircraft for agriculture. The Agriculture Solution Package consists of the A3-AG/N3-AG Flight Controller, Agricultural Management Unit (AMU), delivery pump, FM continuous-wave radar, RTK, customized industrial controller, propulsion system, Agriculture app, and DJI’s Agriculture Management Platform. The Agriculture Solution Package empowers manufacturers to develop dedicated and customizable flying platforms, adaptable to different needs, environments, and demands.



A3-AG/N3-AG Flight Controller

Highly optimized attitude analysis and IMU fusion algorithms allow flight controllers to provide precision aircraft control. can be applied to aircraft of different payloads, and feature efficient, flexible modes of operation to fulfil various needs.

Professional Flight Controllers for AgricultuRE

Precision Spraying

Mutiple Work Modes

Backup Battery Support

Propulsion System

  • Reliability: Short-circuit protection, stall protection, overcurrent/overvoltage protection
  • Intelligent Responses: The propulsion system is natively compatible to A3/N3 flight controllers. These flight controllers are able to monitor the ESCs in real time and adjust its control strategy dynamically.
  • Enhanced Protection: Dust and water resistant, with anti-corrosion
DJI Intelligent BatteryRTKRadarPump controller

Agriculture Management Unit (AMU)

Accessory Support: Radar, RTK, DJI Intelligent Batteries, flow meter, pump controller (with built-in controller for three-phase brushless motor )Battery Extension: 2A@12V and 4A@15V battery extensions are provided, allowing users to add their own devices.

Professional controller & app

Using a dedicated controller and agricultural app, users can adjust parameters for ongoing operations, plan for industrial flights and operation management requirements.

Adjust Parameters

Waypoint Flight

Field Plan

* Data shown in the picture above is for reference only. Data shown in real operation shall prevail. The availability of the App features to your region is subject to local laws and regulations and your choice.


The RTK provides centimeter accurate data, enabling precise altitude information even with interference from airflows. Dual antennas are able to accurately gauge direction even in environments with strong magnetic interference, ensuring safe flights near high-voltage power lines, cell tower base-stations or mining areas. The handheld RTK unit is tailored for precision mapping and operation.


An FM continuous-wave radar scan the ground in real-time, keeping the aircraft at a consistent altitude above crops to enhance safety and improve spraying.