DJI Flexes Filmmaking Muscle at Cannes International Film Festival


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Through May 24th approximately 215,000 people will flock to the Cannes International Film Festival where filmmakers and film lovers alike celebrate the great art of film. DJI is proud to not only be part of the filmmaking process with our creative products, but also to be part of this celebration as well. In our second year sponsoring the American Pavilion, DJI is teaching filmmakers at all levels how they can utilize DJI products to make better films at lower costs.

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Some 18,000 university film students will be attending the festival throughout its 10 day run, and we are honored to introduce these future filmmakers to our revolutionary products. The DJI team is conducting a special workshop for these young filmmakers to teach them how to produce quality films using DJI’s tools.

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In addition, DJI is taking its message well beyond the confines of the American Pavilion by reaching the flocks of filmmakers and fans that are everywhere at Cannes. Utilizing a small army of interns, DJI is introducing our latest drones - the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 - and the new Ronin-M handheld camera stabilizer to the technology-hungry masses. The overall reaction has been extremely positive with hordes of DJI fans eager to see and get their hands on the latest in filmmaking technology.

Throughout the festival, DJI will continue to hold a special Ronin-M workshop that is open to all in Cannes. At this workshop we are to showing the public how easy it is to use the Ronin-M to capture beautiful footage.

France24, a leading news channel, has recently agreed to a content deal with DJI. They were amazed with what they were able to create using a Ronin of their own.

At the great celebration of the art of filmmaking that is Cannes International Film Festival, it feels natural for DJI, a company committed to providing tools that inspire filmmakers around the world, to take center stage.

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