Pupils can great creative in drone design competition

School children across Gainsborough are being urged to take part in a national competition to ‘design a drone’.

Educators Get New Help for Creating Lessons With Drones

Drones have been drifting into K-12 classroom lesson for years. Now teachers are receiving more specific guidance than ever before on how to use the aerial devices in ways that will bring a payoff for students.

How Drone Technology Is Helping Us Better Understand The Animal Kingdom

Last year, researchers from Murdoch University analyzed video taken off the western coast of Australia. The film — which appeared on Phys.Org — includes images of a very rare white southern right whale calf suckling from its mother.It was a score for researchers and the general public alike. And it none of it would have been possible without a drone.

Drone Technology Joins the Fight Against Climate Change Risks

Drones are growing and expanding (where popularity and demand are concerned), certain groups and individuals teamed up and employed their skills into saving our planet.

How are Drones Being Used in the Classroom?

Various programs and universities are working to integrate drone technology in an active way into what students are learning in the classroom. Doing so isn’t just about using drones though, because the reality is that UAVs will soon be thought of as just another tool. Before that happens professionals will need to have a nuanced understanding around how the technology can be leveraged, and that’s exactly what’s happening in courses at West Point and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Drones attract students to math, science classes

At the quiet corner of a table in a noisy ballroom, Kat Kenton molded pieces of foam into the tail and wings of a rudimentary glider. “I’m not trying to make it perfect, just as straight as possible,” Kat, a 10-year-old from Frederick, Md., said as she adjusted the tail rudder. She was one of 200 children Wednesday at the National Press Club and 100,000 nationwide participating in the 4-H National Youth Science Day under the theme of "drone discovery."