Japan taps drones for emergency response

A drone hovers over a disaster zone, feeding live information to emergency responders who can then plot a rescue route.

Drones used to estimate population of Amazon river dolphins

WWF-Brasil launches project in collaboration wth Ecodrones Brasil to monitor current population of Amazon river dolphins using DJI’s Phantom 3.

Random Online Photo Leads To Navy Veteran’s Rescue From Flooded House

A drone operator and the power of social media helped a man in Texas to save his brother from his flooded house 1,300 miles away in North Carolina on Sunday. Navy veteran Chris Williams became stranded inside his Hope Mills home with his dog Lana, who can’t swim, on Saturday after Hurricane Matthew barreled through the area.

Drones attract students to math, science classes

At the quiet corner of a table in a noisy ballroom, Kat Kenton molded pieces of foam into the tail and wings of a rudimentary glider. “I’m not trying to make it perfect, just as straight as possible,” Kat, a 10-year-old from Frederick, Md., said as she adjusted the tail rudder. She was one of 200 children Wednesday at the National Press Club and 100,000 nationwide participating in the 4-H National Youth Science Day under the theme of "drone discovery."

Drones offer a bird's-eye view of conservation

Following turtles in narrow mangrove waters under the canopies of dense trees, getting up close to Arabian oryx without scaring or disturbing the herd in the slightest, sharing a tree branch with a rarely seen Arabian-Collard Kingfisher in Kalba (Sharjah), the only place on Earth this bird still exists, were some of the stories documentary filmmaker Jonathan Ali Khan gets to tell from using drones.

Surf Life Saving Central Coast first branch in Australia to use drones for search, rescue and surveillance

Surf Life Saving Central Coast will be one of just two branches in Australia to use drones for search, rescue and surveillance operations­ this summer. Successful applicants from the Central Coast and Sydney branches will be trained as drone operators in Sydney this weekend to ensure they will be ready to hit the ground running when the lifesaving season starts on September 24.