The E800 Motor Package is DJI’s newest masterpiece, a fine-tuned propulsion system specifically engineered for multi-rotor copters weighing 3-5 kg. 

With a level of quality befitting DJI’s legacy, the E800 package features newly upgraded motors, propellers, and ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers). From traditional square-wave drive system to revolutionary sine-wave drive system, the innovations packed into the E800 Motor Package make it our most efficient , maneuverable, and stable multi-rotor platform to date.

Brand New Motors

Proprietary single strand winding technology delivers unmatched consistency and stability. Advanced production line and strict quality control ensure the highest level of reliability.


Excellent Heat Dispersion

Improved to function in extreme working conditions. Optimized centrifuge pump structure promotes excellent heat management. High-quality materials include dust-proof bearings, high-temperature wire coating, and high grade magnets.

Z-blade Propellers

Aerodynamically optimized blade geometry. Dynamic balance is made possible through high-precision manufacturing and a strict quality control system. Patented quick-release locking mechanism secures propellers in all working maneuvers. Decorative stripes are available, in a variety of colors, for customization.


Revolutionary Smart ESCs

Smart ESCs with integrated sensors and patented algorithms transmits real-time diagnostics of propulsion system status. Revolutionary sine-wave drive architecture reduces power consumption and increases efficiency of all maneuvers.

Full-duplex Communication

Data is relayed back to the user and inputs are received by the ESC simultaneously. Integrated data port allows firmware to be updated with new releases. Supports traditional PWM communication.


External LEDs

Customizable navigation lights enhance orientation recognition at long distances.
Multi-color LEDs serve as effective status indicators.

E800Real time state monitoring


Spark-Proof Circuitry

Build-in spark-proof circuitry offers enhanced protection when plugging in or unplugging the power source, thus extending the life of the ESCs and connectors and making them more reliable.


Active Braking

Compared with traditional systems, the E800’s active braking feature enables
you to more easily perform all maneuvers. This includes sharp turns, altitude changes,
and sudden braking, all with an even lower power consumption than before.