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DJI is committed to helping maintain a safe airspace for all our users and the general public. Our GEO System helps customers make thoughtful flight decisions and prevent flights in locations that would raise concerns. However, we understand that in some cases, a user may have special authorization to operate in a Restricted Zone, such as at a busy airport or over a power plant. We are committed to working with our customers to enable authorized flights so that the benefits of drone technology can be fully realized. On this page, you can request Custom Unlocking.

Please read the following information carefully before applying

Please Plan Ahead: We will strive to process your request within one business day. Missing or incomplete documents may result in delays. When preparing for your flight, please update your DJI APP and equipment’s firmware to the latest versions. If you have any further inquiries,please contact us at

  • Custom Unlocking may disable certain autonomous features
    Custom Unlocking may disable certain autonomous features like waypoint navigation on the Phantom 3 Series, Inspire 1 Series, M100 and other models. Please plan to fly your equipment manually.
  • Submit documentation authorizing your application
    If you are representing an organization, please submit an application letter on official letterhead with official signature or stamp stating the organization authorizes you to represent the organization’s UAV operations.
  • Authorization documents indicating the area your team is authorized to fly in and by whom.
    Documentation may differ depending on the type of the restricted zone. Documentation in languages other than English may result in a longer verification process.