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DJI’s GEO System delineates where it is safe to fly, where flight may raise concerns, and where flight is restricted. GEO zones that prohibit flight are implemented around locations such as airports, power plants, and prisons. They are also implemented temporarily around major stadium events, forest fires, or other emergency situations. Certain GEO zones don’t prohibit flight, but do trigger warnings that inform users of potential risks.

By default, GEO limits flights into or taking off within zones that raise safety or security concerns. If a flight within one of these locations has been authorized, GEO allows users with verified DJI accounts to temporarily unlock or self-authorize their flights. This unlock function is not available for sensitive national-security locations.

The GEO system is advisory only. Each user is responsible for checking official sources and determining what laws or regulations might apply to his or her flight. In some instances, DJI has selected widely-recommended general parameters without making any determination of whether this guidance matches regulations that may apply specifically to you.

Tips:In compliance with the relevant laws, policies, and regulations, some GEO Zones will not appear on this web map. Please refer to the DJI GO app for more GEO Zones in effect. As it consumes too much time for mass data uploading, all safe-fly zones may be hidden when zoomed out.


Restricted Zones
Altitude Zones
Authorization Zones
Warning Zones
Enhanced Warning Zones


Densely Populated Area
Regulatory Restricted Zones
Recommended Zones
Approved Zones
Restricted Zones. In these Zones, which appear red the DJI App, users will be prompted with a warning and flight is prevented. If you believe you have the authorization to operate in a Restricted Zone, please contact or Online Unlocking.
Altitude Zones: Altitude zones will appear in gray on the map. Users receive warnings in DJI App, or DJI App and flight altitude is limited.
Authorization Zones. In these Zones, which appear blue in the DJI App, users will be prompted with a warning and flight is limited by default. Authorization Zones may be unlocked by authorized users using a DJI verified account.
Warning Zones. In these Zones, which may not necessarily appear on the DJI App map, users will be prompted with a warning message.
Example Warning Zone: Class E airspace
Enhanced Warning Zones. In these Zones, you will be prompted by GEO at the time of flight to unlock the zone using the same steps as in an Authorization Zone, but you do not require a verified account or an internet connection at the time of your flight.
Densely Populated Area: This area is shown in red on the map. Under normal circumstances, the population of this area is more concentrated, so please do not fly over this area. (Example: Commercial Block)
Regulatory Restricted Zones: Due to local regulations and policies, flights are prohibited within the scope of some special areas.
(Example: Prison)
Recommended flight: This area is shown in green on the map. It is recommended that you choose these areas for flight arrangements.
Approved Zones for Light UAVs(China): For Approved Zones, pilots of light UAVs flying at an altitude of 120 m or less are not required to obtain permission to fly. Pilots who are planning to fly medium-sized UAVs in Approved Zones at an altitude higher than 120 m, or in GEO Zones other than Approved Zones, must obtain permission via UTMISS before taking off