DJI Statement on Drone Complaints in UK


A recent report from a mapping company claims to list where several hundred complaints have been filed about drones across UK -- a land with millions of people and tens of thousands of drones. 

This report is simply an unedited listing of raw complaints, with no attempt to verify whether any of them had any merit. As we saw with the recent incident when a drone that supposedly hit a plane was really a plastic bag, initial reports cannot be taken at face value.

Various countries including the UK are in the midst of creating rules and regulations for drones and, therefore, irresponsible reports like these at this sensitive time pose a serious threat of damaging an emerging industry.  

We urge all drone users to follow all applicable laws in their jurisdiction, but there is absolutely no evidence that any of these reports indicate real violations of laws. 

The government of the United Kingdom has recognized that drones are a useful and productive technology that should be encouraged. While some people may have concerns about new and unfamiliar technologies, the widespread use of drones by businesses, recreational users and emergency services will be a net benefit to the country. 

Examples about about how drones are providing new vistas in aerial photography, improving agricultural surveys, helping businesses and even saving lives across UK and around the world. We’re happy to discuss them.

For example, earlier this month drones helped locate a Shropshire forklift operator who was buried under wheels of cheese when shelves in a warehouse collapsed. He walked away safely. Innes Gregory flew his drone on April 12 near Slains Castle in Cruden Bay to help searchers locate a missing woman. She was unharmed.

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