DJI Debuts Drone Light Show In Celebration Of The 43rd FAO World Food Day

DJI Inaugural “Firefly” Light Show Calls For Global Water Conservation


October 16, 2023 - DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, has joined the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in celebrating the 43rd World Food Day. Under the motto “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind”, the FAO aims at reminding the world that rapid population growth, urbanization, human misuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and climate change have put the Earth’s water resources under increasing stress.

“Protecting water resources and safeguarding food security requires the joint efforts of the whole society. I appreciate the efforts of all the participants in the World Food Day Pro Bono Lighting Campaign in China. You have made more people aware of the World Food Day, made everyone better understand the importance of food security, and made positive contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Sheikh Ahaduzzaman, the FAO Representative ad interim in China.

“We are honored to support the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's World Food Day,” said Christina Zhang, Senior Corporate Strategy Director of DJI. “DJI's agricultural drone solutions are making significant strides in improving sustainable food production and safeguarding water resources. We are delighted to announce that the inaugural light show of the DJI Firefly project is dedicated to celebrating World Food Day. We aim to raise awareness about water resource conservation and demonstrate how the world can reap the benefits of scientific and technological advancements.”

At the inaugural light show, 1,000 drones resembling fireflies ascended and created a formation in the sky, showcasing the FAO and the theme of World Food Day. They transformed into water droplets, descending onto the lake surface and creating ripples. A mesmerizing display unfolded as a goddess of life, aided by a DJI Agras drone, sowed seeds and nurtured the earth. The result: a harmonious scene of greenery where humans and nature coexist.

Since 2012, DJI has expanded its Agriculture business to more than 100 countries and regions on six continents, benefiting hundreds of millions of agricultural practitioners. By the beginning of October 2023, the cumulative area of DJI's global agricultural operations reached 988 million acres (399 hectares). Through precise fertilization and spraying, cumulative water saving was 174 million tons, equivalent to the amount of water consumed by 300 million people in a year. Powered by batteries rather than fuels, the cumulative reduction of carbon emissions by DJI Agriculture drones was 20.58 million tons, equivalent to planting 1.26 billion trees on Earth.

Water resource protection and global food security are shared concerns worldwide. With agricultural production accounting for 72% of global freshwater use, both the United Nations and DJI are striving to find eco-friendly solutions to support sustainable agriculture. DJI pioneers technology to empower agricultural production and pave the way for sustainable agricultural modernization, for better growth and a better quality of life.


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