DJI has released its 3-Axis stabilized handheld gimbal system-Ronin


3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal System
The DJI Ronin has been developed for the filmmaking professional. High build quality standards ensure that it keeps up with the demands of rigorous handheld and aerial use in trying environments. Simply hold it in your hands or mount it to an aircraft to create smooth and stable footage. Custom built ultra-fast processors, extremely accurate sensors, and advanced algorithms, together with fanatical attention to detail has created a system that offers remarkably precise manipulation of control angles - within the range of ±0.02°. This puts world-class, industry leading technology into your hands and creates unparalleled picture and video stabilization.

Supports a Multitude of Cameras and Lenses
The Ronin is not customized for any specific camera. It can be easily adjusted to carry everything from small & light Micro-Four-Thirds cameras to heavier systems like the Red Epic. 

Simple 5-Minute Setup
With a little practice, the Ronin takes less than 5 minutes to set up and balance whenever the camera configuration is changed.

SmoothTrack Control 
SmoothTrack gives a single gimbal operator the ability to transform their tilt and pan movements on the gimbal into smooth and stabilized camera angle changes.

High Performance Processing Power
A customized, advanced 32-bit floating point DSP processor offers more efficiency than an ARM processor, for faster processing of signals from the onboard encoders.

3 Configurations
Underslung mode for traditional operation. Upright mode for eye-level or even higher shots. Briefcase mode for a slim low-profile setup.

Built-in Receiver & Remote Control
A built-in DJI receiver allows the Ronin to be remotely controlled by a 2nd operator. The gimbal operator can focus on gimbal movement while the 2nd operator pays attention to camera movement.

Smart Battery/4-Hour Runtime
The Ronin’s customized smart battery is easy to install and simple to charge with the provided charger. Remaining power can be checked directly on the battery.

Other main features:

  • Tool Free Adjustment
  • Based on ZENMUSE Technology
  • 2nd Operator Controller
  • High Torque, Precision Controlled Motors
  • Extremely Durable, High Build Quality
  • Top Bar Accessory Mounts
  • Quick Release Top Handle Bar
  • Power Distribution Box
  • Dual 15mm Rods for Follow-focus Accessories
  • Gimbal Tuning Stand
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Mobile Bluetooth Assistant Software
  • Auto Configuration
  • SmoothTrack Tuning
  • Remote Operator Control
  • Ronin Stats
  • Firmware Upgradable