DJI released a new firmware for Phantom 2 Vision


DJI released a new firmware for Phantom 2 Vision!


  • The Phantom 2 Vision Autopilot's firmware has been upgraded to v1.05.
  • The Central Board firmware has been upgraded to v1.0.1.18.
  • The PC Assistant Software has been upgraded to v1.05.
  • The Cell Phone App has been upgraded to (iOS App: v1.0.29; Android App: v1.0.33), they are now under app store reviews.
  • The User Manual has been updated to v1.04.


New (Major) Features:

  • Professional users can use the PC Assistant Software (v1.05) to enter a “Naza-like” Mode, enabling IOC and original Atti, GPS and Manual Modes. The LED flight indicator will behave like the Naza, not the Phantom 2 Vision. Please alert users to only enter the Naza-like Mode if they are experienced pilots as more and more Phantom 2 Vision users will be those with no experience of flying.
  • Contact pins may fail when the Phantom 2 Vision is still in the air, triggeringan "Invalid Battery" warning. This causes autopilot to receive a “0” battery level, triggering the auto-landing failsafe. After updating to Autopilot (v1.05) and Central Board (v., the “Invalid Battery” warning will not occur in-flight, even if contact pins fail. This will prevent auto-landing. Autopilot will provide warnings if battery voltage drops lower than 10.65V(Autopilot can track battery percentage with and without the contact pins). If using iOS app v1.0.29, a message box will pop up to warn that "There has been a battery communication failure. Please fly carefully and bring your Phantom 2 Vision back to you ASAP.”
    PS:The Phantom 2 Vision is "Ready To Fly," "Ready to Capture" and "Ready to Share" but it is still an aircraft. Keeping contact needles and pads clean is very important. Any dirt and dust may cause a communication failure.
  • 2nd Level Low Battery Warning is set to 15% instead of 20%.
  • A new level of protection is a hidden third low battery threshold in addition to the 1st and 2nd level warnings. This uses 10.65V as its threshold. Both this voltage threshold and the 2nd Level Low Battery Warning will trigger auto-landing. Altitude can be maintained if necessary by pulling up on the throttle.
  • Switching the S2 from upper most position to its bottom most position will reset the home point of Phantom 2 Vision. Definition of “home point” is i) where the Phantom 2 Vision return to when control signal is lost ii) the home position which is used to calculate the horizontal distance between you and the aircraft which is displayed on your cell phone app. When the home point is set, you will see a very short period of fast green light flashing on the LED Flight Indicator.
  • The map used in the “Find My Phantom 2 Vision” is changed to Google Map in Android App (v1.0.33).
  • Other minor bugs fixed.


Special Notes:

  • Must use the latest PC Assistant Software (v1.05).
  • Must upgrade both Autopilot (v1.05) and Central Board (v1.0.1.18).
  • Before switching to Naza-like Mode, you need to update autopilot and central board first.
  • Latest Cell Phone App is under review by app stores, the only major difference will be, by using earlier version app, you won't get the popup message "battery communication failure". But it really doesn't matter that much. The review takes about 1 week.


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