DJI Released iOSD MARK II Firmware 2.02, Assistant Software 3.02 & User Manual 2.06


DJI iOSD MARK II firmware 2.02, assistant software 3.02 & user manual 2.06 has been released.

What’s new?


  • Support for the new A2 Flight Controller (coming soon);
  • Eliminate the abnormal altitude data after power on;
  • Add a blinking compass icon to indicate abnormal compass data for NAZA-M;
  • Improve the altitude accuracy displayed;


Assistant Software

  • The iOSD shares the iOSD Assistant Software v3.02 with iOSD mini;


User Manual

  • Add the description about the blinking compass icon which indicates abnormal compass data;



  • NAZA-M Firmware Version SHOULD be upgraded to V3.16 using Assistant software V2.16.


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