DJI released new firmware v2.1 for A2


DJI released A2 firmware 2.1, Assistant Software 1.2 & Quick Start Guide 1.12.

What is new?


  1. Enhanced performance of A2 flight control system in data loss situations that are caused by abnormal communications.
  2. Optimized control performance, if the command of Yaw control stick is zero, the command variation of Elevator, Roll and Throttle will not change the aircraft attitude around Yaw.
  3. Optimized IOC function and POI algorithm to improve user experience.
  4. Optimized communication protocol.
  5. Support to upgrade A2 GPS Module.
  6. Fixed the attitude jitters during Failsafe and Go Home.


Assistant Software

  1. Added RC status display.
  2. Assistant Software released with support for Mac OS X 10.6(Lion)or above. Assistant software usages on Mac and Windows are exactly the same.


User Manual

  1. Added installation and usage instructions for A2 Assistant Software on Mac OS X.
  2. Added Failsafe settings for traditional receiver users.
  3. Added RC status description.
  4. Revised the control mode introduction.
  5. Added trouble shooting list of motors start failures.
  6. Added a note that if the second level low voltage alerts occur when the aircraft is during Failsafe and Go Home process or the aircraft is controlled by Ground Station, the aircraft will descend automatically.
  7. Revised the recording conditions in IOC function.
  8. Added a system error LED indicator shown in continuous 4 red blinks.
  9. Revised the attitude status LED indicator, there is no blinks if the attitude status is good and continuous 3 white blinks if bad.
  10. Added the note that when using with A2, the firmware of iOSD Mark II should be V3.0 or above and OSD Viewer should be V4.0 or above.


Notes for Upgrade:

  1. For safety reasons, do not use the power battery for power supply during firmware upgrade. Reconfigure all parameters in the Assistant Software after firmware upgrade.
  2. When using the A2 flight control system firmware version V2.1, the firmware of other DJI products used in conjunction must be matched with the requirements in the table below.

    Other DJI Products

    Firmware/Software Version (or above)

    Assistant Software( use to upgrade)

    iOSD Mark II


    iOSD V4.0 & OSD Viewer V4.0

    iOSD mini


    iOSD V4.0

    Zenmuse H3-2D

    GCU V1.6 & IMU V1.6 & CMU V1.0

    H3-2D V1.02


    GCU V0.12 & IMU V1.4

    Z15-GH3 V1.00


    GCU V0.12 & IMU V1.4

    Z15-5D V1.00


    GCU V0.0.12 & IMU V1.0.18 beta

    Z15 V1.4

    2.4G Bluetooth Datalink

    The Ground end V1.0.1.5 & The Air End V1.0.1.1 & BTU V1.0.1.2

    2.4G Bluetooth Datalink V1.0.0.6

    iPad Ground Station



  3. When launching for the first time on Mac OS X, please open the Assistant Software in the Finder. After the first successful launch,the application can be launched by double-clicking the A2 icon in the Finder or using Launchpad.
  4. Please download the application installer in DMG format from the download page of A2 on the DJI website.
  5. The Assistant Software for Windows and Mac OS X will be updated simultaneously in the future.


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