DJI Released Receiver Firmware Version 1.1 for A2


DJI released receiver firmware version 1.1 for A2!

What’s new?

Receiver Firmware

  • Support DSM2 satellite receivers used with all SPEKTRUM transmitters, e.g. DX6I DX7S DX8 DX18 etc., as well as JR transmitters, e.g. DXS9II DXS11.

User Manual

  • Add the supported DSM2 receivers and linking procedures.
  • Add the descriptions of the control mode configuration in the assistant software.


  • When using the DSM2 satellite receivers, it is no need to enable the failsafe function in the transmitter. Once the receiver loses the signals from the transmitter, the controller unit will enter into failsafe automatically, and the aircraft will hover or go-home as configurations of the failsafe in the assistant software.
  • For safety reasons, do not use the power battery for power supply during firmware upgrade.
  • Re-configure all parameters in the assistant software after firmware upgrade.