DJI – Unofficial Batteries and Accessories Warning


In recent weeks a number of unofficial DJI intelligent batteries for the Phantom 2 series (including Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+) have recently come onto the market. In order to ensure that our customers fly safely, we purchased some to see if they would pass our stringent tests. We found that none of these unofficial batteries are built to the quality of the official DJI intelligent battery and would like to stress the importance of buying official DJI parts to ensure safe, reliable flight.

Some issues found with these batteries are as follows:
  • Low quality, non-fireproof shell casing
  • Weak plastics that bend and snap easily
  • Battery shell does not indicate factory of manufacture
  • Uncertified, possibly low cost internal and external components despite note claiming that batteries are certified
  • Low quality connectors and construction
  • Manufacturing faults and shortcuts that can at best cause breakage and at worst lead to an explosion

All DJI batteries are put through stringent tests throughout the design and manufacturing process, ensuring that all batteries are reliable. Remember to buy original DJI products from authorized dealers or for quality you can trust. Please also note that DJI will not be held responsible for problems caused by non-official accessories.