Exciting new releases at NAB 2013


This week in Las Vegas, USA, DJI is proud to announce new innovations across all product lines.




Spotlight 1. Zenmuse H3-2D, 2-axis GoPro Gimbal (Mounted on DJI Phantom)

The versatility of GoPro meets the stability of the Zenmuse H3-2D camera gimbal. Truly cinematic aerial shots have never been this accessible.


H3-2D Package

  • 2 Axis Sub-Pixel Stabilization
  • Enhanced Vibration Dampening
  • Remote Tilt Control

Spotlight 2. Zenmuse Evo (Supports the Lumix GH3)

Bigger and better for the Lumix GH3

H3-2D Package

  • 2.5x more powerful direct drive motors
  • 3x more stable than current zenmuse gimbals
  • Advanced vibration dampening

Spotlight 3. DJI S800 Evo (S800 New Generation)

More durable, portable and stable than ever.

H3-2D Package


  • Stronger Arms with Foldable, More Efficient Props
  • Quicker, Stronger and more Responsive motors
  • Expanded airframe trays for mounting electronics
  • Superior vibration dampening built into the airframe

Spotlight 4. DJI A2M Autopilot System (Multi-Rotor Flight System)

Long held the industry standard, the DJI flight controller is the command center for your creativity. A huge brain in a tiny box.

H3-2D Package


  • Forged Aluminum Housing
  • Built-in Receiver
  • More Powerful Sensors and IMU
  • iOS App controller

Spolight 5. DJI Phantom Prop Guards

H3-2D Package

Spotlight 6. Phantom Vision (Phantom With a Built-in Camera)

All the fun of the Phantom, with a built-in camera!

H3-2D Package


  • Integrated camera with tilt function
  • 14 MP still images
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Variable Field of View
  • Full remote camera controlled via iOS
  • Vibration Isolation – No Jell-O !


DJI Camera UI App

Invaluable functionality, now free on your iPhone. The DJI mobile app puts total control in your pocket.

H3-2D Package

H3-2D Package

  • Low latency Video Downlink
  • Full remote camera control
  • Wireless synchronization

More Informations of New Prducts Coming Soon !