DJI Mini Drones

Which DJI Mini Drone is Right for You?

Capture your world with DJI mini drones, which are palm-sized and easy to bring along anywhere. These compact but powerful drones offer ultra-clear image transmission, extended flight time, high-quality photos and videos, and countless intelligent features that make flying effortless and fun. Whether it’s for a day in your backyard or the adventure of a lifetime, don’t forget to bring a DJI mini drone.

DJI Air 2S

The All-In-One Drone

The all-in-one DJI Air 2S has everything creators need in a camera drone. A 1-inch 20MP sensor records up to 1 billion colors. A lightweight 600g body makes it convenient to bring on any trip. It also features 4-directional obstacle sensing for safer flights, and the new MasterShots feature, which gives you all the best shots in any location with just one tap. Capture your creative vision wherever you go with DJI Air 2S.

DJI Mini 2

Best Mini Drone

Make any moment fly with DJI Mini 2! Compact and ultralight at just 249 g, it offers a 31-minute max flight time, super-smooth 4K video, 4x zoom, and a whole lot more. Try QuickShots for intelligent automatic flight maneuvers that give you professional-looking videos with one tap. Compact and unbelievably intuitive, DJI Mini 2 offers a fun, unforgettable flight experience every time you take off.

DJI Mavic Air 2

Best Value Drone

Up your game with Mavic Air 2. Built to deliver powerful performance, Mavic Air 2 takes content creation to the next level. It records smooth, stable video at resolutions of up to 4K/60fps, as well as cinematic 48MP shots with stunning detail. A max 10km transmission range lets you fly farther, HDR video lets you record more details in highlights and shadows, and 8K Motionlapse shots give you effortless Hollywood-quality footage. Shoot like a pro with Mavic Air 2.

Mavic Mini

Fly As You Are

From daily moments to new horizons, capture it all with Mavic Mini. Weighing just 249 g, this mini drone is small, lightweight, and stunningly easy to use. Record smooth video at resolutions up to 2.7K, and a series of templates offer a creative and intuitive editing experience. Don’t just experience moments, capture them from above effortlessly with Mavic Mini.

Robomaster TT

Unleash your creativity

A small drone for big dreams, start innovating with DJI’s educational drone. RoboMaster TT features an HD camera and stable flight performance for smooth, high-quality footage. A wide range of software and hardware resources engage students by offering learning through play, and user-defined algorithms turn ideas into reality. RoboMaster TT courses assist students in learning about AI, making learning advanced technology easy for younger audiences. Unleash your creativity with Robomaster TT Tello Talent.

Compare DJI Mini Drones

DJI Air 2S

595 g
1" CMOS 20 MP
5.4K/30fps at 150 Mbps Video
12 km (FCC) Max Transmission
31 Min Max Flight Time

Mavic Mini

249 g
1/2.3” CMOS 12 MP
2.7K/30fps at 40 Mbps Video
4 km (FCC) Max Transmission
30 Min Max Flight Time

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