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9 types Multirotor Configurations Supported

The Naza-M V2 is a powerful flight controller for enthusiast, commercial and industrial flyers. It’s easy to install, simple to configure and above all, extremely stable. Nine types of traditional motor mixes are supported, making it ideal for every setup.

The Naza-M V2 supports 9 types of traditional motor mixer:

Free Ground Station Support

16 point Ground Station is available free for both iPad and PC, without serial number verification. 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink required.

Advanced Attitude Stabilization Algorithms

The Naza-M V2 boasts the extraordinary stability you would expect of all DJI flight control systems and combines it with unparalleled maneuverability with and without GPS. Built into it are automatic GPS course correction plus GPS and compass interference monitoring, which combine to offer more stable flight and minimal magnetic interference.

Takeoff Assistance

Drift-free, stable take offs on different surfaces is ensured with Takeoff Assistance.

Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)

Forward on a multirotor is normally the direction the nose is facing, which can get confusing when turning, but with IOC switched on, direction is hugely simplified.

In Course Lock mode, forward is the same as the nose direction recorded on takeoff. See below for details.

in course lock
nose direction

In Home Lock mode, forward is the direction from the multirotor’s current position back to home. See below for details.

in home lock
home point
home lock

Motor Failure Protection

If a hexrotor or octorotor equipped with a Naza-M V2 suffers a motor failure in flight in attitude or GPS mode, it will maintain its altitude and rotate around the stopped motor. This allows it to fly safely back to home and land.

Failsafe and Auto Go Home Support

If the connection between the multirotor and the remote control are disconnected during flight, a failsafe system will activate. Provided there was enough GPS signal at the time of the disconnection, the multirotor will fly back to its point of takeoff and land automatically. This feature can also be triggered manually using the One-Key Go-Home function activated using Assistant.

Out of Range
Return to Home
Home Point
Control Range

Assistant for Smartphone

Using a BTU with power efficient Bluetooth, parameters can be adjusted at any time through a smartphone without excessive power use. Connection records are automatically stored by the Bluetooth module and protected by password. Parameters can be automatically synchronized to the cloud restored immediately when mobile devices are changed.