A New Firmware Update Is Now Available For Ronin-M


A new firmware update is now available for Ronin-M. Please visit https://www.dji.com/product/ronin-m/downloads to download and update your Ronin-M.

Major Updates:

IMU firmware v1.4, GCU firmware v1.2, PC/MAC Assistant v2.0, DJI Assistant App v1.1.26, DJI Ronin App v1.0.7, and User Manual v1.4.

1. Added support for the new Intelligent Battery (model no. 423496-1580mAh-14.4V).

2. Reduced the control stick’s sensitivity interval from 100 to 1, removing jerky movements during gimbal acceleration and deceleration. 

3. The added Push Mode allows the tilt and pan axes to be adjusted directly by hand while the Ronin-M is turned on. This function can be enabled in the DJI Assistant app or PC/MAC Assistant.

4. Increased control stick sensitivity for the roll axis by decreasing the control deadband value.

5. Fixed issue of the Ronin-M not being able to force upgrade after a failed IMU upgrade.


1. You must click the Default button in the DJI Assistant app or PC/MAC Assistant after every firmware upgrade. This will reset the gimbal parameters to their updated values.

2. Do not adjust the gimbal by hand too frequently when Push Mode is enabled, or else the motors may overheat and enter Overheating Protection Mode, at which point a manual restart is required.