A New Firmware Update (V1.5.0.30.) Is Now Available For Inspire 1


A new firmware update (V1.5.0.30.) is now available for the Inspire 1. Please visit https://www.dji.com/product/inspire-1/info#downloads to download and update your Inspire 1.


  • All-in-One Firmware version updated to v1.5.0.30.
  • DJI GO app iOS version updated to v2.4.2.
  • DJI GO app Android version updated to v2.4.2.

What’s New:

  • 1. Fixed battery level fluctuation issue.
  • 2. The X3 gimbal on the Inspire 1 is now compatible with the Osmo. Note that you must attach X3 gimbal to the Inspire 1 before updating the firmware. Do not attach X3 gimbal to the Osmo to update the firmware.  
  • 3. Follow Me feature now supported in Intelligent Flight Mode.
  • 4. Optimized HDR performance.
  • 5. Adjusted video storage rate to 60 Mbps at 1080p60, and 40 Mbps at 1080p30.
  • 6. Added a feature to smooth the pitch, roll and yaw movement of the X3 gimbal from the DJI GO app.
  • 7. Enforced read-only access for the data in the flight recorder.
  • 8. Optimized sampling methods for the Vision Position System to improve its stability.


  • 1. Hibernation and gimbal protection is not supported on the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal.
  • 2. Battery firmware is included in this All-in-One firmware update. Update all Intelligent Flight Batteries by using this firmware.
  • 3.The firmware can only be downgraded to v1.4.10 or later.
  • 4.Calibrate the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal when using it on the Osmo for the first time.
  • 5.Only use Inspire 1 aircraft to update the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal. Do not use this firmware to update the Osmo gimbal.