A special promotion with significant discounts on the Phantom


DJI is pleased to announce a special promotion with significant discounts on the Phantom, saving over USD 200. This promotion is part of our continuous financial support to our partners and customers, without continued support from you, our success is not possible.

Promotion Plan: New Promotion MAP will be valid from 9th, Sep, 2013. For end customers who bought a Phantom before 9th, Sep, 2013, DJI will provide a credit of USD 150. This credit can only be used to buy a Phantom II or a Phantom Vision, once they are released. The plan is to release the exciting Phantom II and Phantom Vision products in Nov, 2013 just before the Christmas. The credit will expire on 31th, Dec, 2013 if not used. To get the USD 150 credit, the end customers must contact dealers to fill the Phantom credit form. And give it to the dealers they are buying the Phantom II or Phantom Vision from.