Announcing the Winners of the DJI Mobile SDK Hackathon


At DeveloperWeek 2016, DJI held its first ever Mobile SDK Hackathon, an event where developers worked in teams and used DJI’s Mobile SDK to build apps for DJI’s signature Osmo, a 3-axis handheld camera stabilization system in just 30 hours.

(DJI Booth at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon)

(Teams building apps/software to win the challenges)

(Final pitch at the Hackathon)

First prize in the Hackathon went to the MIMR team, four students from the National University of Singapore who were in the Bay Area on an internship. The team used an Android smartphone’s internal accelerometer sensor to control the movement of the Osmo camera along with the Mobile SDK. This effectively added two person control to the Osmo, giving users the power to shoot complex shots.

(MIMR, winning team of DJI’s Osmo challenge)

Other projects in the contest included:

Perfect Selfie/Mood Tracking – Track an Osmo user’s face and expressions using Mobile SDK along with Android’s vision API.

Motus – An augmented reality based tour guide app that using iPhone GPS and MapView to guide a user down a path.

Community Event Hub – An online database driven event and messaging hub

(Team Perfect Selfie/Mood Tracking)

Outside of the DJI Mobile SDK Hackathon, DJI’s DeveloperWeek booth hosted hundreds of people and held a number of other events including a workshop introducing the DJI SDK attended by over 40 people and a technical talk about using the DJI SDK for Flying Robots attended by 50 people.

DJI Booth at the DeveloperWeek Conference Expo)

(Over 2,500 people checked-in to the DeverloperWeek Conference Expo)

(Open Talk: Apps in the AIR)

(DJI SDK Workshop at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon)

(DJI Booth at the DeveloperWeek Hiring Mixer)

While the DJI Mobile SDK Hackthon may be closing, entries are still open for the 2016 DJI Developer Challenge. Held in collaboration with Ford, this is DJI’s largest developer challenge to date and will see participants creating aerial systems for search and rescue that could completely revolutionize the industry and go on to save lives.

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