Compatibility Notice for New Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Motors


DJI has made slight modifications to the Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced that help improve production capacity to meet the growing demand of the Phantom Series. These changes do not impact flight performance in any way. All existing Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced owners will continue to receive uninterrupted service and support for units made before these minor changes.

Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced New Motors Compatibility Notice

The latest version of the Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced has an updated central board and new motors. Follow the instructions below when replacing these components.

DO NOT install the new 2312A motors onto a Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced aircraft with the old central board (Spare Part NO. 33). Likewise, DO NOT install the old 2312 motors onto a Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced aircraft with the new central board (Spare Part NO. 96). Doing so will likely damage the aircraft. As a general rule, match the old motors with the old central board and the new motors with the new central board. Follow the steps below to replace the motors.

  • Change the 2312 motors to the 2312A motors (or change the 2312A motors to 2312 motors), then install the corresponding central board.
  • When changing to the 2312A motors (or 2312 motors), please change all four motors.
  • If you do not wish to replace the motors and central board by yourself, contact DJI support to arrange an expert to help you.

Reminder – changing motors is only necessary in case of motor damage or as a part of regular scheduled maintence.

Compatibility Table for the Motors and Central Boards

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How to distinguish between the 2312 and 2312A motors

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