DJI CineLight Approved for ProRes License


DJI is proud to announce to all users of the Zenmuse X5R and Inspire 1 RAW that the CineLight editing suite has been granted a license for Apple ProRes codec for professional video production and post-processing..

CineLight lets users import CinemaDNG files from the X5R SSD or from a computer hard drive, add effects and enhancements, and then export them as a DNG sequence or high quality Apple ProRes QuickTime video.

CineLight's functionality includes:

  • Exporting and editing footage;
  • Exposure adjustments;
  • White balance and hue;
  • Tone curve;
  • Denoising and sharpening;
  • DJI D-Log color space settings


With this announcement, DJI takes one step forward towards creating fully-featured, professional-level workflows to all photographers and filmmakers working with the Zenmuse X5R camera and gimbal and the new Inspire 1 RAW aerial platform.

To try out CineLight's powerful editing features, head over to the Inspire 1 RAW Downloads page and download the Inspire 1 RAW Straight-from-the-camera DNG Sequence sample and edit it with DJI CineLight, available for download on the same link.