DJI Global reaffirms support for North American markets


Hong Kong Dajiang Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. (‘DJI HK’) can confirm that a minority shareholder in DJI North America (‘DJI NA’) has obtained an injunction restricting dealings with a limited number of its broader North American distribution network.

Decided at a preliminary hearing before a detailed examination of evidence, this injunction temporarily restricts the company from marketing or selling DJI products to a list of 31 dealers in North America – 19 of which are no longer active dealers – that the minority shareholder has made a part of this legal proceeding.

DJI NA is not, and never has been, an exclusive distributor of DJI products in North America.

“DJI will actively and aggressively address this issue in US courts because the company has complied fully with all laws and regulations in the implementation of its business with DJI NA. We are confident that we will prevail in this matter,” said Asher Griffin, legal counsel for DJI HK.

DJI Global will continue to carry out all research, design and development of aerial platforms for creators and innovators around the world, as it has since its founding in 2006 by CEO Frank Wang.

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Update on 23 July 2014: This matter has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, ending in the lawsuit’s dismissal and the temporary injunction being dissolved. DJI remains committed to bringing world class service and support to its North American customers through its North American office based in Los Angeles and its growing list of American dealers.