DJI released iPad ground station app v1.4.58


What is new?

iPad Ground Station App

  • Supported of Phantom 2 and main controller firmware upgraded to V2.00 or above, central board firmware upgraded to V1.0.1.24 or above, the BTU module firmware upgraded to V1.0.1.3 or above.
  • Added flight limits function of special areas. Users will not be able to build waypoints or Home points in designated special areas and the waypoint routines go through these special areas are invalid.
  • Added customized routine template.
  • Added a waypoint setting button to capture the aircraft attitude (including longitude, latitude, height and nose pointing direction) properties to build a new waypoint during flight.
  • Added metric and imperial unit switch.

User Guide

  • Added descriptions of using tips and flight limits function.
Note: The latest iPad Ground Station Software V1.0.48 is reviewing by the App Store, Phantom 2 users will be able to download and use the software several days later in this week.

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