DJI Released Naza-M Firmware 4.00


DJI Naza-M firmware 4.00 has been released.

What’s new?


  • Free Ground Station function available without S/N, 16 waypoints supported. (Support the Ground Station on PC or iPAD when using the 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink)
  • Add Flight limits (Default Max Height is 2000m and Max radius is 2000m).
  • Add Motor Test function.
  • Optimize the taking off conditions to meet most requirements of taking off on moving vehicles.
  • Optimize the conditions to enter into the compass calibration more easily.



  • Add Flight limits in the【Advanced】page.
  • Add Motor Test function in the【Aircraft】page under the【Basic】page.



  • Revise the compass calibration description.
  • Add the Flight limits function.
  • Add connection diagrams when used with the DJI 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink.



  • Make sure to reconfigure all parameters and recalibrate the Transmitter in the assistant software after upgrading the firmware, since the upgrade will reset all parameters.
  • For the PHANTOM users, after upgrading the firmware please download the Phantom Default Configuration Parameters from DJI website and upload them to the Main controller in the assistant software, then reconfigure all parameters and recalibrate the Transmitter.
  • If users degrade the firmware from the version 4.00 to other versions, please make sure to【Reset Default Parameters】in the【Tools】page, otherwise may weaken the flight performances.
  • The iOS NM Assistant v1.3.9 should be used with the NAZA firmware v4.00 and the NM Assistant version cannot be degraded (for the iOS App Store only provides the latest version).



  • For safety reason, do not use power battery during firmware upgrade.


DJI Naza M New Feature Demo

Naza-M New Feature


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