DJI released new firmware v2.00 for Phantom 2 Drone


ZENMUSE H3-3D compatible with PHANTOM 2 is released.

What’s new?

Main Controller Firmware

  • Supported of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions. When using iPad Ground Station, the BTU firmware should be upgrade to V1.0.1.3 or above.
  • Added Flight Limits functions, including Max Height and Max Radius limits.
  • Added LED indicators warning, if non-DJI smart battery is detected, the LED flight indicators will be solid red.
  • Optimized compass calibration algorithm to increasing its resistance to interference.
  • Improved battery level detecting methods to make low battery level warning more precise.
  • The maximum descending speed is limited to 3m/s.
  • Fixed the bouncing problems after landing.

Central Board Firmware

  • Support of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions.
  • Support of H3-3D.

Assistant Software

  • Added Flight Limits page in Phantom working mode.

User Manual

  • Added connections when using Ground Station functions.
  • Added descriptions of flight limits.


  • Upgrade the main contruller and central board firmware to the latest version using PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software V2.00 otherwise there will be malfunction caused by version mismatch.


At DJI, we strive to provide our customers with the best products. Due to continuous R&D, we had to delay the release of the Ground Station function support for Phantom 2 until now. DJI apologizes for such a delay, as we worded hard to ensure that Ground Station was in compliance with various regulations worldwide.

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