DJI released new firmware v2.00 for Phantom 2 Vision Drone



  • The Phantom 2 Vision main controller firmware has been upgraded to v2.00.
  • The central board firmware has been upgraded to v1.0.1.24.
  • Phantom2 Vision Assistant Software has been upgraded to v2.00.
  • The User Guide has been updated to v1.14.

Major New Features:

  • Main controller firmware now includes the Flight Limits functions, inclusive of maximum height radius limits, which is aimed to help users fly more safely. Max height is set at 400m and max radius is 1600m by default. The default parameters can be configured in the Assistant Software v2.00.
  • The max descent speed has changed to 3m/s.
  • Assistant Software v2.00 includes Flight Limits page for configuration.
  • The latest version of user guide includes descriptions of Flight Limits function.

Special Notes:

  • a) Ensure both main controller and central board firmware have been updated to the latest version using Assistant Software v2.00.
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