DJI released Wookong-H autopilot system


DJI released Wookong-H on May, 2011. It is the first autopilot system which is specially designed to be applied for hobby use and photography.

Using Wookong-H, even beginners can control their helicopters to finish the difficult movements and become professional very soon.

Though Wookong-H is designed for hobby helicopter enthusiasts, its function such as GPS ATTI mode,Semi-auto Take-off/Landing,Enhanced Failsafe/ Auto-Hovering, Build-in Tail Gyro/Flybarless Support,
Build-in Engine Govenor are as good as those for industry use.

In the period of preorder, Wookong-H has showed its population. DJI received plenty of orders and favorable comments after the launch of Wookong-H.