DJI Released Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal


The DJI Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal is another milestone in gimbal innovation, which is designed for the GoPro Hero3. With its high precision, high stability, lightweight, plug and play features, it is widely used in film and television productions, advertising aerial photography, etc. Even if the aircraft is in high-speed flight, it can still stabilize and control the GoPro camera precisely with the highest stability. The precision of control angle is within the range of ±0.08°, so picture or video output can reach the best quality.


  • 2-AXIS Professional Gimbal With High Performance;
  • Easy to install, Plug and Play;
  • Customized for GoPro Hero3;
  • Compatible with DJI flight control systems;
  • The Core Technology is inherited from the Zenmuse Z15;
  • Independent IMU module;
  • Extremely light weight with solid mechanical design;
  • Ideal Choice for Phantom and Flame Wheel;
  • Online Upgrade Support;


Package & Product Photos

H3-2D Package H3-2D Gimbal H3-2D GCU

*Please upgrade the autopilot system to the latest Firmware.




Assistant Software

V2.00(or above)

V2.12(or above)

V2.12(or above)

Firmware Version

V5.22(or above)

V3.12(or above)

V3.12(or above)


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