DJI Releases Osmo Firmware for Zenmuse X5R Support


Osmo RAW firmware v1.1.0.10 is now available. DJI GO on iOS and Android has been updated to v2.8.0. Download at and refer to the OSMO Pro & RAW Firmware Upgrade Guide for upgrade instructions.

Major Updates

1.Support for the Zenmuse X5R gimbal and camera, as well as the Single Shot, Multiple Shot, Interval Shot, Video and Audio Recording features. 
2. Improved Zenmuse X5R camera stabilization.
3. Added reverse joystick control function for the tilt and pan axes. Enable this function under “Gimbal Settings” in DJI GO. 
4. Fixed the red tone on high ISO photos for the Zenmuse X5R camera.
5. Fixed the focus breathing issue associated with recording 4K video using D-Log in M mode for the Zenmuse X5R camera.


1. Only upgrade your firmware by downloading the firmware, loading the .bin file onto the Micro SD card, and inserting the card into the camera. Do not use other methods for upgrading. Ensure the battery is fully charged.
2. Firmware version v1.1.0.10 should be displayed in DJI GO after the upgrade. Be sure to connect your mobile device to the Internet before connecting to the Osmo RAW’s Wi-Fi network so that the correct firmware version is displayed in DJI GO. 
3. The Zenmuse X5R gimbal and camera can be used on the Inspire 1 RAW after upgrading the firmware on the Osmo RAW. The Osmo handle can also be used with the Zenmuse X3 and Zenmuse X5. 
4.X5 Adapter required to mount the Zenmuse X5R onto the Osmo. Buy X5 Adapter Now.