DJI releases "S800 Retractable Landing Gear"


The retractable landing gear, another innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feature from DJI, is designed for the S800 Hex copter to improve perspective for aerial-filming and photography work. By using a 2-position switch channel of the radio controlled transmitter, you can control the landing gear remotely and without it obstructing the camera lens, allows users to film seamlessly through 360°.

New firmware for the Zenmuse Z15, Zenmuse Z15 IMU firmware version 1.0.18_beta, GCU 0.0.10, Assistant Software version 1.4 and Manual version 1.9 have been released.

What’s changed?

  • The gimbal no longer bounces when attached to the working mode switch.
  • The roll axis no longer drifts after the calibration of the gimbal.

What’s new?

  • The S-Bus and PPM Receiver are supported (S-Bus -> AUX2,PPM ->AUX3).
  • The gimbal attitude information (PAN/ TILT/ ROLL) is available for display on screen, when using the DJI iOSD.
  • Video recording is available for the Z15-N gimbal (AUX3). (Note: This new function must work with the new HDMI board of Z15.)

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