DJI Releases Zenmuse XT New Firmware


Zenmuse XT firmware v1.15.1.60 is now available, DJI GO on iOS and Android has been updated to v2.8.0. Download at

Major Updates:

1. Added options for FFC calibration. Now you can choose manual or auto FFC calibration.
2. Fixed the issue of incomplete video files resulting from turning off the Intelligent Flight Battery while recording video. 
3. Improved the accuracy of GPS data tagged to recorded images. 


1. The Zenmuse XT must be mounted on the Inspire 1 or Matrice 100 for firmware upgrading.
2. Firmware upgrade is for Zenmuse XT gimbal and camera only. It cannot be used to update the aircraft or the Intelligent Flight Battery.
3. Ensure there is no other firmware package on the Micro SD card and that the battery level is above 50%. 
4. It will take approximately 5 minutes to update the firmware. The aircraft will beep when the upgrade is complete.