DJI to Offer “P2 Care Plan” for Certain U.S. Phantom 2 Series Users


DJI to Offer “P2 Care Plan” for Certain U.S. Phantom 2 Series Users

DJI is establishing a “P2 Care Plan” for Phantom 2 series users (“P2 Users”) in the United States who have experienced a camera error after updating the firmware on their drone. This program aims to optimize those users’ experiences and remediate any issues that may affect the functioning and performance of their drones.

The P2 Care Plan is limited to the U.S. It applies to DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+ drones on which a firmware update was installed after purchase, and subsequent to the installation of said firmware update, the camera included with the drone ceased functioning (“Affected Device”). Any person or entity who owns such an Affected Device that has not been modified is eligible under the P2 Care Plan (“Eligible Consumer”).

An Affected Device shall be deemed to not have been modified if DJI determines that the Affected Device’s internal hardware or software has not been altered from its original condition at the time of sale by a person or entity other than DJI. DJI will make this determination when the user returns a drone to DJI.

The P2 Care Plan provides Eligible Consumers with options to repair or replace their drone, or a voucher equivalent to the lesser of the cost to replace or repair the Affected Device. The availability of repairs may be subject to change. Eligible Consumers can learn more about the P2 Care Plan, apply for coverge and select an option for repair, replacement or voucher by finishing the simple survey available at

DJI prides itself on creating stable and reliable products, and strives to provide the best possible experience for its users. Eligible customers are encouraged to use this opportunity to obtain the best possible service and flying experience for their drone.


*Update on Oct 30, 2020: This is to announce that the P2 Care Plan has expired as of today. Thank you for your support to DJI.