Introducing the E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System


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DJI’s E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System has been released. The new system is fully-integrated to provide the ultimate flying experience. The propeller, motor, and ESC have been linked together in one easy-to-install unit that is more reliable than ever before. 

Designed for multirotor copters weighing 7-15 kg, the E1200 Pro can be adapted on platforms with 25mm-diameter arm tubes, such as the S900. It increases both efficiency and power. As a result, this system is able to provide flight endurance nearly 30% longer or support platforms that are 1.8-2.4 kg(6-8 axes) heavier at take-off, when compared to previous generations.* 

The range of environmental conditions under which the system can operate also represents a significant improvement over previous generations. The E1200 can now withstand punishing environmental temperatures ranging between -10˚C and 60˚C. The maximum take-off altitude has also been increased by 2000m, allowing you to achieve better performance in even more environments.

To promote safety and reliability, the Smart ESCs included in the system receive diagnostic information directly from the motor and can warn users if any motor is functioning abnormally during flight via LEDs. 

These exciting new features are combined with 17-inch Z-Blade folding propellers and enhanced heat dissipation mechanisms to create a truly remarkable flight experience. Safety, reliability, efficiency, power, and responsiveness make the E1200 a perfect upgrade to your current propulsion system.

*Maximum takeoff weight and flight endurance are compared to 4114 motors paired with 15 inch (38 cm.) propellers. Your results may vary depending on environmental conditions and other factors.