Mobile SDK 3.0: The Future Reinvented


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The DJI Dev Team is proud to present Mobile SDK 3.0: The Future Reinvented. After listening to feedback from you, the developers, our engineers have refactored and re-written the architecture from the ground up, creating our most powerful SDK for DJI aerial platforms yet. New architecture and documentation make the interfaces intuitive to use, MissionManager and CustomMission give you better control over the platform with less code, Bridge App and the Remote Logger for iOS solve age long problems inherent to iOS.

MissionManager and CustomMission

Mobile SDK 3.0 groups all our higher order missions into MissionManager for easy access, in addition to introducing the CustomMission feature that allows developers to configure and customize their own ‘Mission’. With a few lines of code and designing the CustomMission once, complicated user-generated flight behaviors and be called upon instantly and repeatedly. Developers can now go above and beyond the Intelligent Flight Missions offered by DJI and create their own or improve on existing infrastructure.

Bridge App and Remote Logger for iOS

Bridge App the Remote Logger solves a critical pain point for iOS developers that need to connect their iOS platform to two devices simultaneously (e.g. computer and remote controller). These new features connect iOS to your computer through a wireless network to allow debugging, profiling and logging of the application in lab and field environments.

Removed Developer Levels

In addition to all the new features, we’ve also substantially lowered the requirements needed for developers to get started. With the removal of Developer Levels, we have given full access to everyone who wants to try their hand at creating the next big aerial application.

As always, the DJI Dev Team is committed to improving your developer experience; feel free to report any bugs or questions you have on the DJI Developer Forums ( or email Please make sure that you are always working on the latest version of the DJI SDK by frequently checking the Downloads page (

We believe in empowering our developers by delivering the ultimate tools for creating even more incredible applications and drone ecosystems; with the Mobile SDK 3.0 release, we hope that we have achieved this goal and opened the doors for you to show us the Future Reinvented.