New firmware released to enhance the WooKong-M flight algorithm


DJI continues to enhance the flight performance of it's WooKong M (WKM) controller and now features the flight algorithm refinement. This helps maintain a smooth flight for all aerial photography regardless of tail and head wind conditions, and improves stability for uncompromised flight performance. Single Waypoint is a freeware requiring Data Link purchase. The long awaited PPM is now available for WKM providing Octo and X8 users the non-S-bus system access to remote gain adjustment, and also features less cabling for a neat layout. Gimbal servo output increased from 100 Hz to 400 Hz, and servo endpoint to 90° for a better performance.

  • Hot Spot circling flight in 5 meters diameter enhances AP performance.
  • The additional channel to activate RTH via a transmitter makes recovery a flick of a switch away.


  1. Enhanced algorithm in dealing with variable wind speed
  2. Hot Spot encircle
  3. Added switch position for RTH from transmitter
  4. Single Waypoint is now free
  5. Added PPM provides low cost solution. Less wirings similar to S-bus
  6. Gimbal servo frequency:400hz,200hz,100hz and 50hz
  7. Gimbal output endpoint allows 90°Tilt and Roll swing