New Handheld Camera Stabilization Gimbal Ronin-M Announced


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DJI has announced the new Ronin-M, the next generation of professional camera stabilization gimbals.

Featuring many of the main capabilities as the original Ronin, but at nearly half the weight and in a much more compact size, the Ronin-M puts world-class stabilization technology within reach of more creators than ever before.

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A new magnesium frame replaces the aluminum of the original Ronin, bringing reduced weight and increased rigidity and stiffness.

For increased shooting options and easier transport, the top handle bars can be removed individually. This further reduces the Ronin-M’s size for filming in tight spaces or simply packing away with your other equipment.

A new Silent Mode brings the sound of the working motors to a whisper, enabling indoor shots when the sounds of other stabilization systems may be picked up by sensitive recording equipment.

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These updates and more help creators everywhere capture their vision in new ways.

SmoothTrack control, fast setup and balancing, dual operator support, and three modes of operation are continued from the original Ronin, providing the same level of power and freedom on set.

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