Patrick Côté Captures the Tesla Experience with DJI Inspire RAW


Courtesy of IO Studio, all rights reserved 2016. 

To celebrate the release of the DJI Inspire RAW and showcase the ease with which cinematographers are able to use it for capturing unprocessed video from the sky, IO Studio hired seasoned UAV pilot Patrick Côté to help them produce a high-octane video showcasing the increasing presence of Tesla in Hong Kong.  Côté is the Founder and CEO of Hexwing, a Montreal-based company specializing in UAV-based aerial photography and filmmaking. We asked Patrick a few question about shooting with the X5R-equipped Inspire and how it changes the way he works.

Piloting & aerial cinematography by Hexwing. Courtesy of IO Studio, all rights reserved 2016. 

Hi Patrick, thanks for taking the time to share with us  your experience of working with the Inspire RAW in Hong Kong.  It was great to see exactly what this system is capable of in Hong Kong's tight streets and ever changing lighting environments. 

First, how is shooting with the Inspire RAW compared to other platforms? 

Shooting with the Inspire RAW make things easier. It is so simple to deploy and shoot compared to all other platforms available today. It also has the power to satisfy all my clients' requirements with its top notch  image quality. It has the stability to keep my footage safe even in strong winds. All in all, it is a fun experience to use, it is agile in its movements, and has a so many professional features to work with — and it's very travel friendly!

What was it like shooting a fast-moving Tesla from the air?

Shooting moving subjects with the Inspire is a charm. From slow  to fast-moving subjects, the Inspire RAW is up to the challenge with precision at your fingertips. It takes a little time to master its motion but when you get there, you can frame almost any moving subject with ease.

Piloting & aerial cinematography by Hexwing. Courtesy of IO Studio, all rights reserved 2016.

How does the image quality of the X5R compare with that you get from other aerial systems?

The image quality of the X5R is just amazing for the size factor. Now you can match pro cameras easily. It records RAW footage so It means that I'm able to unlock a whole new world of creativity in post-production with the exact same Inspire that I'm used to. For a professional that travels a lot, this is finally the perfect tool to get that extra mile the client wants to match pro cameras.

How did you work with the RAW footage after shooting?

The X5R opens up a whole new dimension in terms of post-production – it allowed us to take full advantage of the dynamic range of the Micro Four Thirds sensor, and even in low light we were able to retrieve a massive amount of information. Night time city footage can be extremely challenging, light temperature being all over the place. Working with the raw files allowed us to push and tweak the colors and process the footage in LOG to match it to the ground cameras.

It is very liberating to have access to the “untouched” potential of the sensor – and when it comes to matching ground and aerial units, it’s a game changer.

Courtesy of IO Studio, all rights reserved 2016.

What was the biggest challenge shooting in Hong Kong?

The biggest challenge shooting in Hong Kong was to stick to the shot list! There are so much thing to see in the area. Yes the city itself is wonderful but if you venture outside of the city, you find jungles, lakes, mountains, cliffs and much more. Seriously, the challenge was the weather... It is so unpredictable in Hong Kong! 

Have you driven a Tesla yourself?

Not in Hong Kong, haha! I was not comfortable at all driving British style in a city like this. But yeah, I had the chance to drive the Model S P90D for a while in North America. Once you drive a Tesla, you realize what driving is all about!

Thanks for your time, Patrick, and we look forward to working with you again! 

See the Tesla Model S in action in Hong Kong, captured by Patrick Côté on the Inspire RAW: