The PATENTED DJI Intelligent Flight Battery


The PATENTED DJI Intelligent Flight Battery, is 5200mAh!

1. Easy to Plug-in and take out

  • New connectors make plugging in the battery and pulling it out super easy.


2. Precise Battery Level Indication

  • Battery levels used to be estimated by measuring voltage. As the motor spins, voltage drops making these estimates inaccurate. The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery monitors the total amount of energy consumed, so it can offer a precise battery level indication.


3. Super Long Flight Time

  • The Phantom 2 Vision flew for 28 minutes covering around 10 miles. This has never been achieved before.


4. Integrated Battery Level Checker

  • Find out remaining battery levels whenever you want, without a multi-meter or battery level detector.


5. Much Easier to Recharge

  • All balancing and protection circuits are integrated inside the battery, making charging as simple as connecting the battery to the charger. Battery indicator lights will keep you updated on charge progress.


6. Safer than Ever

  • Short protection and large current protection are all integrated into the battery.


7. Increasing the Battery Life

  • In the past, if a battery is dropped it may stop working. The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery’s frame protects the cells, keeping batteries safe.
  • In the past, if the battery isn’t disconnected, it will drain and become unusable. The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery has low voltage protection. Once it reaches a certain limit, it will turn itself off.