UAVs Enter the World of Design


Recently, DJI participated at the 100% Design London show. This Four day event is the largest design event in the UK, staged across 2 floors and 20,000m2 and attracted experts from architects to designers to artists and more. It is considered the commercial cornerstone event of the London Design Festival.

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DJI’s partner at the show was IDEAT China, a leading design and lifestyle magazine and website. IDEAT China also worked with DJI on the special edition of the SkyPixel magazine.

Over 200 visitors attended the DJI/IDEAT booth on the first day alone. This was DJI’s introduction to the world of design shows, but interest in the technology, product design and also their potential uses for designers drew in the crowds.

Drawing special attention was the Wall of Infinity. A wall consisted of Phantom 3 propellers programmed to create a range of captivating patterns while they rotated. 

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This fascinating art piece is a demonstration of the innate artistic potential of DJI technologies beyond simply capturing imagery while flying. Who knows what the future will hold.

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