Zenmuse Z15-G firmware version released


Zenmuse Z15-G firmware version IMU 1.0.14、GCU 0.0.8 and Zenmuse Z15-G Software ver 1.1, Manual ver 1.5 have been released.

What’s changed?
1.Fix the problem that the gimbal will not move after power on.
2. Fix the problem that pitch cannot turn back to center after self-test.
3.The three axis will be back to center after reset and uncontrollable in the FPV Mode (Reset).
4.The control method of Orientation-locked Mode is changed.

What’s new?
1.The gimbal can be controlled to be forward or down in the FPV Mode (Reset) by a 2-position switch.
2.Supported camera and lens types:
GH2 with Lumix G14 mm/F2.5
GH2 with Lumix G20 mm/F1.7

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