Your Stories2015-08-16

JPtennisgirl2house wife

“Aerial shooting affect our life”

I'm deaf and female. I was not interested in drone at all. My husband saw cool drone at the park and he heard the name of DJI. He wanted to buy a same drone and I have been saying NO because it's just waste of money... He still wanted to buy for long so I finally accepted it. When I fly phantom2 vision+ first time aerial shooting was amazing. I was getting into flying phantom2 and getting better at videograph while my husband is not good at control it. I don't feel my handicap while flying drone because all need is hands and eyes not ears. I have decided to buy Inspire 1 and it makes a good excuse to go out to beautiful places with family. I'm twin boy's mother and it's good for children to play and learn great nature in Australia. My parents live in Japan and they are happy to watch my aerial shoot in Australia. It would be diffiicult due to comunication problem but I'm trying to seek a job to be a drone videographer at the moment. Photos are taken by Phantom2 vision+ and the video link above is all taken by Inspire 1.