Your Stories2015-08-14

Sebastian JernAerial Photography

“Around the World in 66 Seconds from a new perspective!”

PASSION TO FLY MY PURPOSE My name is Sebastian and I have traveled alone around the world for 6 months with my DJI Phantom 2. A few weeks before my trip, I saw a Phantom 2 for the first time at home in Sweden and I was completely hooked right from the beginning. Around this same time, I had planned and booked my trip around the world. I then felt that I absolutely could not travel without first buying a Phantom 2. The possible and endless opportunities that came on my mind were just too great to ignore. And as it turned out to be, it became one of the best choices I have ever done in my life. I realized that my first and real passion was born! MY STORY After exploring uninhabited islands, trekking mountaintops, finding rice terraces, staying in remote villages and towns, finding deserts and jungles, traveling in oceans and unpaved roads, fly standing in water, experiencing high winds and strong waves… traveling on airplanes, to boats, to buses… on air, land and sea… and after so much discoveries, this amazing Phantom 2 has made it home safe and sound… and ready for more. After buying my Phantom 2, I started to take a step further into the unknown… I began to love nature even more, I was eager to find places no one else have, I wanted to see new life perspectives, I was keen to learn more. Phantom 2 made me a more creative individual... I became a better photographer… I became a stronger person. For 6 months around the world, I always carried my Phantom 2 with me. It has been “Me” and "Dronie" together, seeking for adventures and finding more incredible things in this vast world. MY VIDEO In this story, I will show you a glimpse of my unforgettable journey in 66 seconds. From over 700GB of raw aerial footages captured around the world, come and join me to enjoy the wonderful travel memories of my experience. MY FUTURE I'm from Sweden. I decided to start my own business with main focus on aerial photography and filmmaking. I desire to innovate and create new perspectives, explore new ideas, and promote Sweden’s image as a wonderful destination, so everyone in the world would know how amazing my country is. I hope you enjoy watching my journey around the world. Please take note that good sound and full HD quality are essential. Thank you. Sebastian Jern